Just under a year since starting up the studio now finding time to return to some street photography again May 2017


A third book will be produced by end of January 2017. It will be a more affordable option than the first two books with only 21 carefully selected images comprising the content. It's title will simply be  'Twenty One Pictures'


Street Photography Talk for Alba Photographic Society, Wishaw 21.09.16


Glasgow Green World Pipe Band Championships 13.08.16


Glasgow Calton and Town Centre 20.04.16


Summerlee Heritage Museum, Coatbridge. Evening workshop went ahead on topic of combining flash and ambient light. 07.04.16


Second book, 'Three Two' now available on Amazon.com 04.03.16


Reduced colour gallery to fifteen images.


Added colur gallery to site. A difficult decision, I'll keep it on for a trial period and see how I feel about it. Sometimes colour is an integral part of the image.


In process of transferring second book 'Three:Two' over to Amazon.com, to be available in USA and beyond. February 2016.


Leeds trip went ahead with day trip to Manchester


Short visit to Leeds planned mid February 2016


Currently working on introducing colour gallery


Continuing to deliver worskhops at Summerlee Photomedia Studio

Coatbridge. Next is on the combined  use of flash and ambient light April 2016


Presently selling surplus equipment on eBay. Far too many items acquired over the years


Urban Landscape workshop Summerlee, Coatbridge 08.02.16


Liverpool trip January 2016


Newcastle trip October 2015


Oban and Inverness October 2015


Dundee, Aberdeen, Arbroath, September 2015


Glasgow trip September 2015


Amsterdam August 2015


Glasgow August 2015


Retired from full time  Art & Design/Photography teaching August 2015