Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1960, John Gray has been taking photographs seriously for the past 16 years.


Throughout that time he has worked in a wide variety of photographic genres but has decided now to focus on street and documentary photography.


A fine art  graduate John draws influence from art as much as from photography looking for creative compositions in every situation.


Just as important though is 'the moment' that moment in time, the particular arrangement of shapes and forms, of moods and emotions, of light and shade. That moment that will never, ever, occur again.


'For me there is nothing more interesting than the ordinary, to be out living my own ordinary life and to witness others living their own ordinary lives makes me realise there is no such thing as ordinary, everything is extraordinary, a look, a glance, a turn, a connection, separation, loss, reconciliation, love, anger, joy, frustration, appreciation, acceptance, rebellion, are all there, in all of our lives, and we feel them acutely.'